Harris O'Malley Swearing, with occasional forays into cleverness and writing

About Me

Harris O'Malley isn't very good at writing mini-bios about himself. He's also not entirely sure about this whole "writing about himself in the third person" thing.

Harris is an artist,  raconteur, part-time messiah and known man about town. In no particular order, he is an author, photographer, a digital artist and illustrator, a podcaster and the dispenser of valuable love and relationship advice to nerds, geeks and neo-maxie-zoom-dweebies. He was born in '77, lived most of his life in Texas and got to Austin as soon as was humanly possible; sadly this was after the Liberty Lunch closed down, which means that technically, he is officially Part of the Problem.

He is part of the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen, which posts every Friday at Spill.com and on Monday via iTunes.

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