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Who Am I, Why Am I Here…*

Welcome. As you can tell by the incredibly cleverly titled blog, I am Harris O'Malley. Author, artist, raconteur, part-time messiah, full time rake at the gates of Hell. I'm the writer/artist of an original graphic novel called Miracles Have a Price, appear regularly as part of  The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen podcast, brought to you by Spill.com and occasionally make forays into photography and digital art. I'm also known to occasionally dispense love advice to geeks, nerds, weirdos and neo-maxie-zoom-dweebies as Dr. NerdLove.

And because I simply don't have enough of a web presence yet, I decided what I needed was yet another website to maintain, a writer's blog-meets-occasional-slice-of-life.

I've recently written a full length novel - 89,000 words! - called The Royal Order of the Blue Crayon, that I'm in the process of trying to secure representation for and/or find a publisher, and frankly the whole thing has been about as mad as a sack of march hares. If you're like me - and I know I am - the process of going from idea to being a published author is long, frustrating and frequently dizzyingly arcane. And since I am nothing if not an egotist who's in love with his own voice (or... well, the written equivalent, anyway) I've decided to document/comment on/vent about the whole adventure, as well as share my occasional thoughts about writing, books, publishing, e-publishing and anything else that might go flying through my attention span.

Hopefully without burning too many bridges in the process.

So hey, how are you, kick back and enjoy the ride. It promises to be a doozy.




*"Forget the questions/someone get me another beer..."  Oh Meat Loaf, don't ever change.


Hello world!

Warning: Incoming content. Warning: Incoming content.

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